Secure Payment Products to Meet Your Clients Needs

When you partner with Bluefin, your business gets a variety of payment products and ways to accept payments. Our QuickSwipe mobile system turns your iOS tablet or phone into a completely secure POS system with encryption and tokenization. Our PayConex virtual terminal enables processing on any PC.

Clients can take any form of payment, easily set up recurring billing, and process in the U.S. and in Canada. Plus, all of our products are backed by state of the art security solutions, safeguarding your clients’ data and protecting your valued brand – a must in the medical community.

Retail Point of Sale

Process credit and debit cards using one of our encrypted payment terminals or you can choose our Virtual Terminal option, which enables you to process payments through your laptop or PC.

Virtual Terminal

With the PayConex virtual terminal, merchants can process transactions from their laptop or desktop computer, anytime, anywhere. And now clients get the security of PayConex P2PE with the Virtual Terminal.

Mobile Payments

Clients can process mobile payments with QuickSwipe, our turn-key payment application for single and multi-user mobile processing on iOS devices.


With our Ecommerce option, you can process payments directly on your website using your own payment page or Bluefin’s hosted payment page.

Each of our solutions allows you to accept credit cards, debit cards and ACH transactions, process recurring payments and get online access to reporting and transaction information.