Secure Your Customer's Payments

First and foremost in the design of our products is security – to protect cardholder data and reduce PCI-DSS scope, risk and liability for our partners and their clients.

No one wants the blemish of a data breach on their company. Consumers need to know their payment information is safe, and it is the responsibility of the merchant to make sure that data stays secure. Each Bluefin security feature helps eliminate payment data exposure through every step of the process – from capture, to transmission, to storage.

  • PCI-validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE): Bluefin’s PCI-validated P2PE solution encrypts all cardholder data within the point of entry device so it is not in clear text in the device or in the merchants’ system or network. PCI-validated P2PE is available with all of our products, including the Virtual Terminal and our Mobile Payment system.
  • Tokenization: Bluefin provides a robust tokenization features that enabls your office to perform reissues, refunds, returns, voids, and recurring billing without the need to store the card number.
  • Transparent Redirect: Bluefin’s transparent redirect feature enables our clients to process credit card and ACH authorizations via the Internet without ever having cardholder (and ACH) data traverse our clients’ network or system.
A Suite of Security Features

We work directly with merchants to make sure that data stays secure. As a participating organization of the PCI council, we take standards very seriously. Our goal is to minimize the PCI-DSS requirements for your business. Our PayConex payment platform features:

  • PCI-validated P2PE
  • Tokenization
  • Transparent Redirect
  • Level 1 Compliant PCI DSS Service Provider
  • PCI Compliance Assistance and Consulting